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Another great meal in a hole-in-the-wall wonder

3 Feb

I will never ceased to be amazed by the plethora of unassuming neighborhood restaurants in New Bedford that serve the most delicious Portuguese food with style and hospitality.

Check out my review of Alianca’s in the South End published in Coastin’:

South End gem Alianca offers good food at a good price

My rabbit entree

I am always amazed at how little neighborhood restaurants in the city can surprise me with very good food and service. You would never know it from the outside. That’s the case with Alianca Restaurant on Cove Street.

I invited my colleague Sandy to dine there one a weekday night, and her face lit up when we walked into the restaurant.

“It’s beautiful inside,” she said.

The space was clean, with some wood paneling and three tables occupied at 7:30 p.m. Tables were covered with maroon tablecloths and laid with paper mats sporting local ads, typical of many local restaurants.

Sandy, who is from the South End, said she was surprised she had never been there.

Read more online.



Great atmosphere, hearty food at Cafe Mimo

22 Sep
The delicious bone-in roast goat with mashed potatoes

The delicious bone-in roast goat with mashed potatoes

The somewhat bland grilled squid

The somewhat bland grilled squid

Giant helpings, delicious roast goat, and a feeling that I was dining in a comfortable cafe in a foreign country are the highlights of my experience at Cafe Mimo.

You can read more about the experience online at our weekly supplement Coastin; where the review appeared.