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I’ll take froyo over icecream any day

11 Apr
Kickass Cupcakes Owner Sara Ross, Pinkberry’s Ron Graves, and Jody Adams of Rialto enjoy some froyo at the grand opening.

What’s sweet and sour, swirly and fluffy, quite sinless and even more satisfying than ice cream? Frozen yogurt, of course.

PinkBerry of California opened in Harvard Square last week and handed out free samples to invitees. As a huge fan of froyo in general, I was quite taken by the lychee flavor topped with kiwis and mangoes but green tea was pretty cool too.

This is their third store in new England and is competition for the pre-existing BerryLine.

Btw, you can buy pint cans of froyo to take home at both stores too. I hate ice cream out of the fridge (I swear it tastes different from the ones bought fresh in stores) so I am going to try this and see if froyo tastes any better…

Pink Berry
1380 Mass. Ave., Cambridge, MA 02138
Mon-Thu 9 a.m. to 11 p.m.
Fri-Sat 9 a.m. to midnight ; Sun 9 a.m. to 11 p.m.


A tasty boob job with Pilsbury

8 Nov

In celebration of Breast Cancer Month in October, a blogger at New England Bites went shopping and baking.

What a boob! I can’t believe that I neglected to put something up on New England Bites to celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness month. I guess it slipped my mammary. Anyhoo, better seven days late than never, I decided to bake a delicious strawberry cake from Pillsbury topped with frosting bosoms. What better way to celebrate?

She used this:

to make this:

THE VERDICT: Double d-licious! The cake was very moist due to the cup of pudding in the mix (thanks Pillsbury). The strawberry frosting titillated our senses and the boobs – well – they just gave the cake an extra lift. The best thing about making this cake is that you can invite your bosom buddy to come over and join in the fun. We are tickled pink to have made this for our fans, and bravo to me for being able to sculpt a pair of knockers out of cupcake icing.

As Mom says: “Don’t be a mess; self-examine your chest!”

Cupcake bar in Needham

18 Aug
Wicked Local staff photo by David Gordon

It looks decadent and can be had at the Treat Chocolate Bar now open in Needham Center, according to a review from Needham Times:

Treat Cupcake Bar features ready-made cupcakes, but also gives people the chance to design their own cupcakes. Customers can pick the cake, the frosting and any ingredients they want mixed in — from coconut to gummy worms.

Treat Cupcake Bar
1450 Highland Ave.
Needham, MA 02494.

Get the Ben and Jerry's scoop

16 Jul

Watch out for the sweet Ben and Jerry’s truck making its way through Boston communities, keeping things cool by giving out free scoops of  Milk & Cookies and Boston Cream Pie, two onew flavors from July 28 through August 25.

You can direct the Scoop Truck to its next destination through Twitter @BenJerrysTruck and Facebook.

Parade, friends and cake

8 Jul

Hope you guys had a happy 4th!

I had a blast watching America’s oldest parade at Bristol, RI with a delicious potluck at my friend Karen’s historic home, smack on the parade route.

Imust give a shout out to her fabulous coffee cake littered with nuts and cranberries and the very patriotic cake her friend brought to the party.

A Bengali meal and mishti doi recipe

24 May

A spread at Rekha-di's in Lexington, MA

We Bengalees love our food and our courses. Thank heavens I have relatives here who feed me the kidn of meals that make me homesick. Here is a traditional weekend spread that I recently devoured.

Clockwise from top left there was fried rice, boiled rice, daal – spiced boiled lentils, chicken with peppers, mango chutney, fish curry, vegetable curry and fish chops.

Mishti Doi

But my favorite was the moutwatering mishti doi (homemade sweet yogurt/curds), served in a clay pot just like they do in stores in Kolkata.

Want to make some? Here’s an easy recipe:

– 1 can (14 oz) Sweetened Condensed Milk
– 1 can (12 oz) Evaporated Milk
– 1 cup plain white yogurt

Mix all ingredients well and pour into a flat oven-safe container (or a clay earten pot if you have one. Bake at 200 degrees F for about 1 hr 15 mins. or till it sets. Cool and refrigerate before serving.
Apparently, even ancient Vedic texts refer to these curds and as “food of the Gods.” Mmmm.

$1 ice cream today

5 Apr

In celebration of J.P. Licks on their 29th year – what a perfect scoop for a beautiful spring day.