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Don’t miss Chowderfest this weekend

4 Oct

I still can’t get over the great fish stew and whiting plate served by talented home cooks at last weekend’s festival but I am all ready to sample chowder at New Bedford’s annual Chowder Festival Sunday. Yep, I’m going be a judge at that one too so see you Sunday afternoon!



A great read on Mark Bittman from the Voice

1 Oct

Pearls of wisdom from the author of “The Minimalist,” “How to Cook Everything” and former editor of Cook’s magazine:

I usedbittman to say that if I could get everyone in the U.S. cooking rice and beans once a week, my career would be a success. And I was saying that before there was any question of sustainability [in food]. All I meant was that I wanted people to be able to take the simplest thing — beans, rice, and spices — and make a meal, and it costs 30 cents or maybe $1. People don’t know how to do that, and it’s really tragic.

You can read the whole post online at the Village Voice’s Fork in the Road blog.