Fresh rolls, crispy duck, steamed fish and tempura at Sivalai

17 Jun

There aren’t a lot of options  for Thai food around here but the highly recommended Sivalai in Fairhaven didn’t disappoint. Loved the steamed black bass in ginger sauce.


Check out my review in Coastin’ last week:

Tucked on a small lot on Sconticut Neck Road is a local Thai restaurant that’s been doing steady business for eight years. When you step inside, don’t be discouraged by the mishmash of nautical and Thai themes, or the blue walls calling out for a fresh coat of paint. The food and the service helps overcome the restaurant’s odd look.

On Monday night, my colleague, Carol Kozma, and I headed there just before 8 p.m., and we arrived hungry. We were greeted by a smiling, petite Thai lady at the counter who showed us to the nearest booth in the small dining room where one other table was occupied.

I told Carol that Thai restaurants are among my favorites because Thai people are always so sweet and polite. Seriously, has anyone met a rude or angry Thai person? There’s something very welcoming and Zen about them — not to mention the prettily decorated food they present.

I flipped through the specials and the extensive menu and immediately placed an order for the summer rolls ($5.50), one of my favorite Thai starters…

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