The Hungry I charmed us during 2012 Restaurant Week

9 Sep

Having relocated to New Bedford, this is the first year that I missed Boston’s Restaurant Week, a fabulous way to try fancy restaurants and great food at a decent price for two weeks. This year it ran Aug. 18-30 & 25-30.

Thanks to my laziness in posting this last year, I do have a fantastic Restaurant Week experience to share:

chefSo I ignored the not-so-great reviews, the unexciting menu and booked a Restaurant Week dinner at The Hungry I last August. We were a group of loud ladies on a rare week night out together and were already in high spirits, dressed up and determined to have a good time. So that might have had something to do with amazing reception and service we got from Chef/owner Peter Ballarin at what is slated “a destination for both romance and traditional French gourmet food.”

At first glance the Beacon Hill gem tucked beneath Charles Street looked cozy and romantic, just as it claims. We arrived for a late dinner at 9:15 p.m. when most others had left and definitely got full attention from the charming staff who started us off with some delicious grapefruit-champagne cocktail. We moved on to a crisp fruity white that did not disappoint. After that things get a bit hazy.

cozyFor starters, the chilled watermelon gazpacho was a sweet hit, followed by a roasted  polenta cake with pork and a really delicate white fish dish. Many bites later we totally underestimated the delectable fig pie which is one of their signature desserts and wished we had ordered more of it.

I remember the rave reviews the restaurant got years ago and am glad I finally got to try it. It did not disappoint. So all you Yelps and nay-sayers who whined about it, fail! We loved it and would go back in a heartbeat. Maybe some day I will try their famous Venison au Poivre Noir…


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