Loud but tasty – that’s life at the Burro

17 Sep

A potent margarita with a side of skull, hot and sweet crispy pork belly, spicy Chingon cucumbers, a perfectly grilled yet juicy street cart style half chicken, and the three-cheese and meat baked fundido.  These are some of my favorite dishes off the dinner menu at at The Painted Burro Mexican kitchen and tequila bar.

Chef- owner Joe Cassinelli of Posto features a unique seasonal menu highlighting the diverse regional cuisines of Latin America from delicious moles and 10 types of tacos to  a mind boggling list of 100 craft tequilas.

He is specially proud of the street foods he found throughout his travels that he has incorporated in the menu, like the cholo corn and street cart chicken.

As a huge chicken snob – I truly believe Americans don’t know how to cook chicken – this is one of few restaurants I’ve found in the area that cooks a mean one – like the chicken at Machu Picchu Charcoal Chicken and Grill in Union Square, or the pan roasted boneless half chicken at Highland Kitchen. I highly recommend any of these if you’re in the mood for chicken that isn’t boiled, rubbery or just plain tasteless.

The restaurant opened in March by jazzing up the old Gargoyles space, putting the bar up against the window and opening it up for a bigger dining space with some heavy old refurbished wood furniture.

After six months of popularity but complaints about the noise level, they recently added some sound proofing that has definitely improved the casual and funky atmosphere.

Still, expect to raise your voice – it kinda goes with the mood of the place and honestly, the food is so good, you won’t mind anything. I’m yet to order something I didn’t find amazing. Especially the sweet endings like the mango-jalapeno popsicles – they have special ones daily, so ask.

The Painted Burro
219 Elm St., Davis Square
Somerville, MA
P:  617.776.0005
Hours: 5 p.m. – 1 a.m.


One Response to “Loud but tasty – that’s life at the Burro”

  1. Man Fuel September 21, 2012 at 3:45 pm #

    This place looks great. Have you been to Lone Star Taco Bar in Allston? I’ve never been there, but a friend of mine highly recommends it. They also have something called a “Mexican Happy Meal,” which is a shot of tequila, sangrita chaser, and a pint of modelo. That picture of the mezcal made me think of it!

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