The Bearded Pig opens, closes. Sadness

28 Aug

It came, it conquered, it left and Somerville has lost what for a brief three weeks was the best  darn barbecue around. Shocking news for a new restaurant that was churning out some serious pulled pork and ribs in Somerville and drawing a pretty good fan following.

The last time I spoke with Florida native Chef Michael Schmidt, he said they were running out of food every night. I know I had been getting the pulled pork and brisket sandwiches on a regular basis. I also enjoyed a slab of ribs with my colleagues there with the some mouthwatering mac and cheese, a three-bean side with a tangy original sauce and a sweet home-made mustard and I truly cannot think of anything that compares in the area.

After opening July 30 at 445 Somerville Ave., it looks like they shut shop temporarily but then decided to close for good last Tuesday.

All we know is that they had a problem locating their pit. The latest tweet said, “We have been unable to secure new smokehouse location. We are now permanently closed. Have loved being part of Union Square”

Terrible news for rib lovers in the area and we hope he at least continues the catering business they had. It’s hard to find quality Southern BBQ in the area.


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