Food explosion in Union Square

15 Jul

Union Square is now a wealth of ethnic eateries —representing places like Bangladesh, Nepal, Peru and El Salvador—and getting more diverse by the day. Exploring this, the Somerville Arts Council is serving up a tremendous helping of culture with its summer food-related programming. They believe food tells great stories about cultural identity and is a great connector and conversation-starter among residents.

This summer they have been expanding by adding more to the mix with the Nibble blog, a Union Square tasting tour and the Hungry Tiger street food festival. The upcoming tasting tour on Wednesday – already full, sorry folks – will have participants sampling Union Square’s delicious offerings from exotic libations at Machu Picchu to tasty tapas at Ronnarong while hearing about the rich heritage behind the recipes from the restaurant owners themselves.

The neighborhood is also an up-and-coming foodie destination with boutique restaurants like Journeyman, food manufacturers like Taza Chocolate and the city’s only locavore food store, Sherman Market. Let’s not forget that marshmallow fluff was invented in the square as well as paid tribute to every year by the Fluff Fest (coming up on Sept. 24 this year).



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