Bao, BBQ jam, munchkins emerge winners at Boston Bacon Takedown

20 Jun

The Boston Bacon Takedown, hosted by Matt Timms at the Somerville Armory on Sunday, drew a sold out crowd of more than 200 attendees all full of bacon pride. Seventeen amateur chefs competed and the event was sold out before it started.

As one of four judges (sweet!), I was amazed at some of the creativity on display and wish there were more savory dishes as opposed to sweet ones. There were several kinds of bacon brownies, as well as bacon smores, bacon bourbon bark, cacao maple bacon bites, bacon crème brûlée and more. And there was a cute waffle pig display that won a prize.

One of my favorites, the Little Bao Wow – a Vietnamese sandwich using marinated bacon, homemade buns and veggies – won all-round. Aleks S. (who won first place in the Boston Lamb Takedown  last year) and Frank Chen made a version of Frank’s Mom’s recipe and took home with  a spatula trophy, a year’s supply of bacon, knives and other cookware.

I was also really impressed by Matt O’Shea’s BBQ bacon jam which won second place – he gets full points for creativity and uniqueness.The maple bacon munchkins and the bacon arancini were also delicious. As a huge meat fan, I must give extra points to Rob Primmer and Peter Sedlak for a delicious bacon confit that took much time and effort to make and wish I had space for another bite. But after tasting 18 dishes, I was pretty baconed out. Thanks Hormel for a pack to take home!

Here’s a list of the winners:

People’s Choice Awards:

  • 1st: Aleks S. & Frank Chen – The Little Bao-Wow Buns
  • 2nd: Matt O’Shea – BBQ Bacon Jam
  • 3rd: Aaron Tanaka – Bacon Ginger Crème Brulee

Judges Awards:

  • 1st: Zak & Erica Walstein –Maple Bacon Munchkins
  • 2nd: Rob Primmer & Peter Sedlak – Bacon Confit
  • 3rd: Laruen Lesser & Nate Wicksmith – Bacon Arancini w/ Garlic Bacon Aioli

One Response to “Bao, BBQ jam, munchkins emerge winners at Boston Bacon Takedown”

  1. Halley (Blunder Construction) June 21, 2011 at 9:33 pm #

    I agree, I wish there were more savory dishes! When I was deciding what to make, I debated between sweet (s’mores) and savory (buffalo bacon). In hindsight, the buffalo bacon would have been a great contrast to all that sweetness! Happy to follow your blog and tasting travels through Boston.

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