Cooking for a Cause 2011 serves up tasty treats

7 Apr

There were 40 chefs and mixologists at the eighth annual Cooking For a Cause fundraiser at Boston’s Seaport Hotel April 1, 2011. More than 700 people attended and the event raised more than $400,000 for the East End House in Cambridge. Read my story at the Cambridge Chronicle.

As always, there was a ton of food – but not half as adventurous as last year’s event. Chefs stuck to the tried and true with few surprises and the event was definitely seafood and fish-heavy this year.

The drinks, on the other hand were funky, fabulous and plentiful. We particularly enjoyed a hot and tangy Margarita-like shot from Bistro du Midi.

My top picks include a tuna tartare salad spoon from Poe’s Kitchen, fish and meat tacos from Grill 23, chorizo-wrapped deviled eggs from Garden in the Cellar, an oyster foam bite on a  shrimp cracker from another restaurant I just can’t remember, a country pate from EVOO, and a tri-salad plate from the soon-to-open Area Four. Yummy!

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