SeamlessWeb now feeding Boston

18 Mar

Some weeks ago I was happy to be a part of SeamlessWeb‘s launch party over appetizers and beer at The Lansdowne. Boston Market Manager Bradford Cerilis regaled us with not just entertaining stories but the sheer handiness of Seamless Web for foodies. It’s a hugely popular online or cellphone food ordering system that’s big in New York and new, but getting there, in Boston with 280 restaurants for you to pick from.

It’s Free Coffee Days promotion gave out more than  10,000 free cups of coffee around the city in February and launched a social media photo sweepstakes where people could Tweet or Facebook a photo of their free coffee to win $100 in food.

Don’t sweat if you missed that as the cool new online food delivery and takeout ordering service always available for people to order delivery and takeout from over 380 restaurants in the Boston metro area.

And if you have this nifty USB Push to Eat button. You can hit it to head instantly to your local SeamlessWeb site to order in or take out. That’s pretty fun – and neat.

It’s currently feeding 27 cities in the US. Let me know if you’ve tried it!


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