When it’s cold outside, make soup

11 Jan

Tuesdays are always bad days for me as I am on deadline. They get worse when a giant snowstorm is expected at night and I have a to work late. All of that angst fades when a reporter with a culinary touch hands out a hot bowl of a sweet-spicy concoction made with smoked pork neck bones, PBR and jalapeno peppers. Deliciousness.

Here is the secret recipe for the Smoked Pork Neck Stew straight from Andy Metzger:

1. I bought two packages of smoked pork neck from the Beacon Street Star Market and made a dry rub out of red pepper, crushed black pepper, salt and mustard powder.
2. I covered the pork necks with the rub and then seared them in a cast iron for a minute before dumping them in a crock pot.
3.  I sauteed two finely diced shallots and some garlic cloves. I added two whole jalapenos and two poblanos with both ends cut off, so the broth could pass through.
4. Then in batches of about seven I cooked down about 20 tomatoes – one of the big packs from Market Basket – in the little saucepan, adding pours of PBR along the way if the broth started looking too chunky. In all I used two 16 oz. PBRs.
5. As the broth in the sauce pan looked soupy, I poured it into the crock pot, which I turned on high.
6. After I had my last batch of broth in the pan, I mashed everything up, smooshing the peppers and the tomatoes. Then I added maple syrup until it was sweet and hot.
7. I kept cooking the end of the broth on low while the necks and broth stewed in the crock pot.
8. About two hours in, I deboned the necks as best I could, and added the last bit of broth for the final hour or so of cooking.

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