A tasty boob job with Pilsbury

8 Nov

In celebration of Breast Cancer Month in October, a blogger at New England Bites went shopping and baking.

What a boob! I can’t believe that I neglected to put something up on New England Bites to celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness month. I guess it slipped my mammary. Anyhoo, better seven days late than never, I decided to bake a delicious strawberry cake from Pillsbury topped with frosting bosoms. What better way to celebrate?

She used this:

to make this:

THE VERDICT: Double d-licious! The cake was very moist due to the cup of pudding in the mix (thanks Pillsbury). The strawberry frosting titillated our senses and the boobs – well – they just gave the cake an extra lift. The best thing about making this cake is that you can invite your bosom buddy to come over and join in the fun. We are tickled pink to have made this for our fans, and bravo to me for being able to sculpt a pair of knockers out of cupcake icing.

As Mom says: “Don’t be a mess; self-examine your chest!”


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