Taste the candidates at Gargoyles

1 Nov

Gargoyles’ political cocktails:(L-R) Deval Patrick, Tim Cahill, Charlie Baker

Election season got you thirsty? Davis Square restaurant Gargoyles has come with a trio of Gubernatorial cocktails, each apparently mirroring the personalities of the governor candidates. Guests can vote for their favorite between now and Oct. 31. The winner will be announced at Gargoyles’ election night party on Nov. 2.

Well, I don’t know if I’d vote for him but the Charlie Baker sure is tasty – with a kick.

Btw, all include some kind of bitters – from espresso to orange peel. Hmmmm.

The Deval Patrick: A democratic blend of Mozart white chocolate liquor, house infused vanilla vodka, Kahlua, and a double espresso shot.

The Charlie Baker: A conservative cocktail featuring Gargoyles’ house infused gazpacho vodka, Disco Brunch’s Bloody Mary mix, and a dash of liquid smoke.

The Tim Cahill: Gargoyles’ fennel, dill, and caraway infused vodka with a dash of Grand Marnier, garnished with candied orange peel – for the independent-minded drinker.

Gargoyles also recently unveiled it’s fall menu with a special dinner boasting the best of Chef Jason Santos’ whimsical creations. My picks:  tuna ceviche in coconut lemongrass milk with fried lotus root; cumin crusted escolar with chives; duck confit with sweet cauliflower puree and a unique peanut butter crumble with a shot of homemade Concord grape soda.


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